Bishop’s Message

Dear Fathers, Sisters and Brothers,


In this month of August, we celebrate three significant events namely, the 75th Independence Day of our country and the solemnity of the Assumption of Our mother Mary on August 15, and the feast of St. John Maria Vianney the patron saint of diocesan priests on August 04.  Let me extent my hearty greetings to all of you.

While acknowledging that our country has taken big strides in almost every aspect of development, rampant poverty of millions, deprivation of education, inaccessible health care system etc. to the millions of our countrymen are stark contradictions. Unless these are satisfactorily addressed, the annual celebration of Independence would be only empty pageantry and drumbeating. Hence, it is incumbent on all of us to realize that we need to be vigilant to the threats to freedom. 

An Irish lawyer and politician, John Philpot Curran is known to have said in 1790, “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.”And Wendell Philips, an anti-slavery activist said in 1852,“eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from many to the few.”Attack on freedom in India comes in many forms as we are witnessing today.  It comes in a hidden manner like in sheep’s clothing.   Every citizen of India is duty bound to be ever vigilant and safeguard the hard-earned freedom.

The solemnity of the Assumption of our Lady gives us an unfading hope that whoever strives to live a life of commitment will be rewarded with eternal happiness.  Let mother Mary stay with us as a constant guide and companion.

Not the least, St. John Mary Vianney the patron of diocesan priests, is an inspiration for an active pastoral life especially of reconciliation and forgiveness. Let me wish all our diocesan priests a very happy feast of St. Vianney.

Dear Fathers, I invite and urge all of you, in all earnestness to participate fully in the forthcoming priests’ live-in which is organised to shed our differences and re-focus ourselves on our life of pastoral mission.  Details of the programme are given below for you to note down.

I shall be visiting a few dioceses in the USA seeking some possible assistance to our diocese.