We envision a church where everybody is given scope for participation and we keep creating structures and attitudes that would facilitate it. Our Basic Christian communites, especially, are geared to this.  

The entire diocese is organized into Basic Christian Communities of about 30 families each, leading to a total of 2,847 Basic Christian Communities.  

Representatives from the Basic Communities, along with others from institutions and associations, form the Parish Pastoral Councils. 95 % of the parishes have Parish Pastoral Councils, whose representatives form Vicariate Pastoral Councils and Diocesan pastoral council.  

Other participatory structures include Parish Finance Councils and Diocesan Finance Council, Council of Priests, units of pious associations and their federated structures at zonal, vicariate and diocesan levels.  

The experience of participation within the Church is to enable us to build a participatory world. This we intend to do mainly through multi-tier federations of basic human communities