The four pillars of renewal in the diocese of Kottar

Abba Experience:

The concern of the local church of Kottar is to get people get beyond a fear-based and conditional experience of God where one tries to prove oneself on the basis of law, virtues and self-righteousness. The focus is rather on getting people experience the joy of the unconditional love of God and the liberation and power it brings to make other-centered commitments.

Power from below:

The emphasis is to be less on a top-down approach and more on a movement from below. Energies, time, and resources invested on Basic Christian Communities and Basic Human Communities are to be measuring yardsticks for this.

Breaking the yokes of injustice:

This refers to the emphasis on struggles against structures that perpetuate injustice rather than merely calling for personal change. Structural dimension of the struggle for justice gets underscored.

Fellowship of the Servants of the Lord:

This refers to dimension of interreligious dialogue where we join with the adherents of various religions to work together for the kingdom of God. The dialogue is to be not merely one of ideas at cerebral level limited to elites but also one of life and action at grassroots.